Welcome to BodMDTM

BodMD provides telemedicine concierge medical services to patients interested in finding root causes to health symptoms. We strive to bring accessible and personalized support while you are comfortable at home. Our providers specialize in hormone therapy, weight management, sexual health, and allergy support.
When your body is optimized, through balanced hormones, reduced inflammation, and maintaining a healthy weight, your body restores balance. Our success stories show patients can find relief from their symptoms and live happier, healthier lives.
BodMD was built to provide accessible and personalized hormone therapy from the comfort of your home.

Our Process

  • Health & History Provide your health history via HIPAA compliant platform

  • Labs
    Complete your lab tests at a partnered nationwide laboratory nearby

  • Consult with an Expert
    Receive Access to a Licensed Medical Expert via convenient telemedicine platform

  • Goals & Plan
    We help tailor a plan for your unique situation and goal plan

Build Muscle

Studies have proven that therapies like ours decrease fat mass and increase muscle size and strength. Our patients’ success stores report a change in lean body mass and strength when utilizing the BodMD program, exercise, and better diet choices.

Weight Loss

Sometimes diet and oral supplements are not enough in your weight loss journey. BodMD has designed a therapy which combines vitamins, minerals, and amino acids which can contribute to fat metabolization.

Better Intimacy

Sexual intimacy is a vital and intricate part of your health. The BodMD program was specifically designed to restore hormonal balance and help you reclaim the dynamic sexuality that you once had.

Increased Energy

Our state-of-the-art amino acid and
hormone therapies delivers a potent
solution that will help you regain your
lost vitality while increasing your energy
and endurance to conquer your day.

Success Stories

After trying every diet out there and listening to so called “experts”, I finally decided to go a different route. Instead of crazy diet changes and making a list of things that I couldn’t do I looked at hormone therapy. It made so much sense to me that if your hormones aren’t right, your body isn’t functioning properly. After a ton of research, I got on a program of prescribed hormone therapy, administered by a world renown hormone doc, the rest is history. I love the way I look, love that I still have a life and love the way we feel.

I had been having female issues the last few years and tried so many medications and nothing had helped. I decided to have my hormone levels checked at a friend’s suggestion. My testosterone level was so low, it was almost undetectable. I started BodEMPOWER Plus in July 2017 and within two months my cycle was completely back to normal and cramps were way less intense and less often. BodMD has been the only thing to work and is truly life changing! What a difference in treating the issue instead of the symptoms!

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